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Muscle Dissections

Table of contents

Head and Neck muscles

Neck and Shoulder

Lateral view shoulder and leg

Lateral dissection of leg

Medial dissection of leg

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Head and Neck Muscles
Neck and Shoulder muscles
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Lateral view of Shoulder and Leg
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Lateral side Dissection of Leg
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Medial Dissection of leg
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Key to the Number labels
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Neck and Shoulder

1. Masseter
2. Submaxillary gland (Mandibular gland)
3. Parotid gland
4. Sublingual gland
5. Cleidomastoid muscle
6. Brachiocephalous muscle
7. Sternomastoid muscle
8. Sternohyoid muscle
9. Omohyoid muscle
10. Sternothyroid muscle
11. Trapezius muscle
12. Triceps brachii muscle
13. Deltoid
14. Lattissmus dorsi muscle
15. Digastric muscle
16. Mylohoid
17. Pectoralis


Lower limb

18. Biceps femoris muscle
19. Tensor fasciae latae
20. Gluteus medius muscle
21. Vastius lateralis muscle
22. Gastronemus muscle
23. Semitendinosus muscle
24. Semimembranosis muscle
25. Adductor muscle
26. Rectus femoris muscle
27. Vastius medialis muscle
28. Sartorius muscle
29. Pectineus muscle
30. Gracilis muscle

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