Christopher J. Butler, PhD

Associate Professor of Biology
Department of Biology
University of Central Oklahoma
100 N University Drive
Edmond, OK 73034-5209
(405) 974-5782 (phone)
(405) 974-5726 (fax)

PhD - University of Oxford 2004
B.S. - Cornell University 2000

I joined the Biology Department in 2005. I teach Ecological Methods, Biometry, Ornithology and GIS in Ecology and conduct research on the population, community, and landscape-level ecology of birds.



I am an ornithologist who is interested in the population, community, and landscape ecology of birds. Currently, I am working primarily on the wintering ecology and migratory connectivity of Yellow Rails (Coturnicops noveboracensis).

Teaching :
Selected Publications :

Butler, C. J. J. L. Curtis, K. McBride, D. Arbour, and B. Heck. 2011. Modelling the distribution of the dwarf palmetto (Sabal minor; Arecaceae) in McCurtain County, Oklahoma. Southwestern Naturalist 56: 66-70.

Judd, E. R., C. J. Butler, and N. Batchelder. 2011. Hybridization between Black-chinned (Archilochus alexandri) and Ruby-throated (A. colubris) hummingbirds in Oklahoma. Bulletin of the Oklahoma Ornithological Society 44(3-4): 1-7.

Patton, T., C. Butler, R. Bastarache, and D. Arbour. 2010. Trends from six years of spotlight surveys for American Alligators in southeastern Oklahoma. Proceedings of the Oklahoma Academy of Sciences 90: 83-92.

Wheeler, E. C., M. T. Reid, and C. J. Butler. 2010. Ecogeographical variables associated with the presence of Echinocereus reichenbachii (Terscheck ex Walp) ssp. (Cactaceae) in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. Proceedings of the Oklahoma Academy of Sciences 90: 117-122.

Butler, C. J., L. H. Pham, J. N. Stinedurf, C. L. Roy, E. L. Judd, N. J. Burgess, and G. M. Caddell. 2010. Yellow Rails wintering in Oklahoma. Wilson Journal of Ornithology 122: 385-387.

Judd, E., C. J. Butler, C. Roy, L. Pham, N. Burgess, and E. Davis. 2009. Mapping the distribution of Eurasian Collared-Doves (Streptopelia decaocto), White-winged Doves (Zenaida asiatica), and Inca Doves (Columbina inca) in Oklahoma County. Proceedings of the Oklahoma Academy of Sciences 89: 79-86.

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Gottfried, R., C. Butler, N. Hollingshead, M. Lane, D. Lemoine, D. Williams, and B. Scheffers. 2007. Modeling land-use change and its environmental impacts on the southern Cumberland Plateau. Pgs. 58-61 in Laband, D. (ed.) Emerging issues along urban: rural interfaces 2: Linking land-use science and society.

Lorenz, S., C. Butler, and J. Paz. 2006. First documented nesting record of the Gray-crowned Yellowthroat (Geothlypis poliocephala) in the United States in over a century. Wilson Journal of Ornithology 118: 574-576.

Butler, C. 2005. Feral parrots in the continental United States and United Kingdom: Past, present and future. Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery 19: 142-149.

Butler, C. & Gosler, A. 2004. Sexing and aging Rose-ringed Parakeets Psittacula krameri in the UK. Ringing & Migration 22: 7-12.

Butler, C. 2003. The disproportionate effect of climate change on the arrival dates of short-distance migrant birds. Ibis 145: 484-495.

Butler, C. 2003. Hooded Merganser, Arctic Tern, California Gull, Ring-billed Gull. In: Marshall, D. B., M. G. Hunter, and A. L. Contreras (eds.) Birds of Oregon: a general reference. Corvallis, OSU Press.

Butler, C. 2003. Species status review: Monk Parakeets in Oregon. Oregon Birds 29: 97-100.

Butler, C. 2002. Breeding parrots in Britain. British Birds 95: 345-348.

Butler, C., Hazlehurst, G., & Butler, K. 2002. First nesting by Blue-crowned Parakeet in Britain. British Birds 95: 17-20.

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