Melville B. Vaughan, Ph. D.

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Mel Vaughan

Phone: 405-974-5017
Office: 405-974-5725

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Associate Professor

Department of Biology,
College of Math and Science,
University of Central Oklahoma

Research Interests

Dr. Vaughan studies cells and how they interact with their environment. He uses three dimensional tissue models to study problems in areas such as wound healing and regeneration, aging and cancer.

As the primary goal of the University of Central Oklahoma is to engage students in transformative learning, Dr. Vaughan seeks to involve as many students as possible in these studies. With careful planning, Dr. Vaughan is able to manage a number of undergraduate students at different levels of expertise throughout the school year. In addition, through collaboration with regional investigators, Dr. Vaughan is able to introduce students to the cutting edge of biomedical research.

Selected Publications

·         Carnes, B.A., Staats, D.O., Vaughan, M.B., and Witten, T.M. An Organismal View of Cellular Aging. Médecine & Longévité, 2(3):141-150. 2010.

·         Vaughan, M.B., Ramirez, R.D., Andrews, C.M., Wright, W.E., Shay, J.W. H-Ras Expression in Immortalized Keratinocytes Produces an Invasive Epithelium in Cultured Skin Equivalents. PLoS ONE 4(11): e7908. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0007908. 2009. Link to article

·         Tomasek, J.J., Vaughan, M. B., Kropp, B. P., Gabbiani, G., Martin, M. D., Haaksma, C. J., Hinz, B. Contraction of Myofibroblasts in Granulation Tissue is Dependent on Rho/Rho Kinase/Myosin Light Chain Phosphatase Activity. Wound Repair and Regeneration, 14:313-20. 2006.

·         Vaughan MB, Ramirez RD, Wright WE, Minna JD, Shay JW. A three-dimensional model of differentiation of immortalized human bronchial epithelial cells. Differentiation, 74:141-148. 2006.

·         Sato M, Vaughan MB, Girard L, Peyton M, Ramirez RD, Sunaga N, Gazdar AF, Shay JW, Minna JD. Multiple oncogenic changes (KRASv12, p53 knockdown, mutant EGFRs, p16 bypass, telomerase) are not sufficient to confer a full malignant phenotype on human bronchial epithelial cells. Cancer Research, 66:2116-2128. 2006.

·         Ramirez RD, Sheridan S, Girard L, Sato M, Kim Y, Pollack J, Peyton M, Zou Y, Kurie JM, Dimaio JM, Milchgrub S, Smith AL, Souza RF, Gilbey L, Zhang X, Gandia K, Vaughan MB, Wright WE, Gazdar AF, Shay JW, Minna JD. Immortalization of human bronchial epithelial cells in the absence of viral oncoproteins. Cancer Research, 64:9027-34. 2004.

·         Vaughan MB, Ramirez RD, Brown SA, Yang JC, Wright WE, Shay JW. A reproducible laser-wounded skin equivalent model to study the effects of aging in vitro. Rejuvenation Research, 7:99-110. 2004.

·         Ramirez RD, Herbert BS, Vaughan MB, Zou Y, Gandia K, Morales CP, Wright WE, Shay JW. Bypass of telomere-dependent replicative senescence (M1) upon overexpression of Cdk4 in normal human epithelial cells. Oncogene, 22:433-44. 2003.

·         Vaughan MB, Howard EW, Tomasek JJ. Transforming growth factor-beta1 promotes the morphological and functional differentiation of the myofibroblast. Experimental Cell Research, 257: 180-189. 2000.

·         Kropp BP, Zhang Y, Tomasek JJ, Cowan R, Furness PD, Vaughan MB, Parizi M, Cheng EY. Characterization of cultured bladder smooth muscle cells: assessment of in vitro contractility. Journal of Urology, 162:1779-84. 1999.

·         Tomasek JJ, Vaughan MB, Haaksma CJ. Cellular Structure and Biology of Dupuytren’s Disease, in Dupuytren’s Disease Hand Clinics, 15:21-34. 1999.

·         Tomasek JJ, Haaksma CJ, Eddy RJ, Vaughan MB.  Fibroblast contraction occurs on release of tension in attached collagen lattices: dependency on an organized actin cytoskeleton and serum.  The Anatomical Record, 232:359-368. 1992.


Vertebrate Embryology, Histology, Cell Biology, Molecular Cell Physiology





Campus Coordinator, NSF STEP@UCO program


Member, American Association of Anatomists

Member, Oklahoma Academy of Science



Below left: migrating epithelial tongue into a wounded surface of a skin equivalent (published in Rejuv Res. 2004). Picture on right shows keratin 14 expression in the migrating cells (red) and involucrin expression in the upper, trailing cells (green), suggesting that basal keratinocytes migrate into the cleft in this model. The sectioning, staining, and photography that produced the picture on the right were all done at UCO.


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